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Since 1996, our parent company, Abdulla Bin Hamid Trading LLC (Accutech) used to outsourced the calibration, maintenance and commissioning of thousands of process controls instruments to various calibration laboratories based in UAE. Over the course of a decade we experienced wide variances in service from a variety of labs, some good, some not so much.

Too often, we suffered through long delays, poor communication, inconsistent pricing and poor documentation. In 2011, we decided we could do better. Using accreditation guidelines of the Dubai Accreditation Council and founded Accutech Instrumentation Services.

Why Accutech Automation?


Quality Management system adhering to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008.


DAC Accreditation in accordance with requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

State of the Art Reference

State of the Art Reference Calibration Equipment from world’s major brands like, Fluke, WIKA, Mensor, Budenberg, Norbar, Scandura, Extech and many more.


Traceability chain from DKD Germany & UKAS accredited calibration laboratories.

Authorized Labs

Wika Authorized Calibration Laboratory & Service Centre.


Fast Turn Around time..

Health, Safety and Environment

Adherence to our principal’s policies of Health, Safety and Environment framed as per the requirements of ISO 14001 and 18001.

Health, Safety and Environment

Adherence to our principal’s policies of Health, Safety and Environment framed as per the requirements of ISO 14001 and 18001.

Health, Safety and Environment

Adherence to our principal’s policies of Health, Safety and Environment framed as per the requirements of ISO 14001 and 18001.

Measurement uncertainty

Measurement uncertainty capability is of the highest order.

Qualified Staff

Qualified, well trained and adequately supervised staff.

Turnkey solutions

Turnkey solutions, from design to supply, installation, commissioning and calibration of process control instrumentation.

Hi-Tech Laboratories

Environmentally controlled laboratory..


A single facility of 100 square meters, temperature controlled laboratory 22°C (±3 °C), 35-65% RH with Atmospheric pressure Measurement and logging. 20 square meters of storage / shipping / receiving area and 10 square meters of office/administrative etc.

Quality Service

Our mission is to ensure customer satisfaction by maintaining an environment dedicated to quality, capability and timeliness. We give clients the confidence that their equipment is taking accurate measurements and can stand up to any inspectional or auditing process. We consistently deliver what we promise, according to schedule. Clients also count on us for the ultimate in convenience. Having a vast array of calibration equipment, we can address all the calibration needs of any business. We serve a wide range of industries can calibrate or repair instruments across all major disciplines. Furthermore, we offer a fast turnaround on most calibration services (including overnight and four-day service) and can schedule onsite service.

Mechanical Measurements

Calibration of mechanical measurement instruments like Analytical balances, spring scales, dynamo meters, force gages, proving rings, weighing bridges, compression / tensile machines, weight indicators, load cells, crushing / perforating / bursting machines consistometers and standard weights etc. Instruments pertaining to rotational measurements like RPM gages, optical / mechanical tachometers /tacho generators, stroboscopes, length / depth counters, speedometers. Calibration of Torque wrenches, (snap action, dial type, digital, double action) and torque transducers, torque calibrators, torque gauges and Torque Multiplier etc.

Temperature Measurement and Generation

Calibration of Instruments like temperature Gauges, Temperature Indicators, Thermocouples, RTD’s, Glass Thermometer, Temperature Transmitters, Temperature Switches, Digital Temperature Controllers, Temperature Control Valves, Temperature Calibrators, Hygrometer, Pyrometers, all types of Electrode backing / drying ovens and humidity chambers with are calibrated with Wika dry block and Calibration bath in conjunction with Scandura MFC.

Humidity Measurement and Generation

Calibration of Analogue / Digital Multimeters, Digital and Analogue clamp on meter, Primary/Secondary Current Injection sources, voltage injection sources, Frequency response analyzers, Transformer Turns ratio meters, Tan delta test sets, High voltage meggars and Insulation Testers Voltmeter, Micro/milliohm meters, Resistance Boxes, Oscilloscope, Power Meters, Power supplies, Frequency Generator and Counters, High Voltage Generation System and phase sequence meters and welding rectifiers etc.

Process Measurement and Monitoring Instruments

Calibration of the process measuring, Controllers, Transmitters, Shut off Valves, Control Valves, Flow meters, Flow Transmitters, Level Indicators and Level Transmitters and all kinds of switches etc.

Pressure Measurement and Generation

Calibration of instruments like pressure gauges, Master Pressure gauges, Barometer, Manometer, Pressure recorders, Pressure Transmitters, Pressure switches, Pressure Control Valve, Pressure regulator valve, Pressure Calibrators, Hydraulic and Pneumatic dead weight tester.

Analytical Instruments

Ultrasonic paint / material thickness gages, Adhesion testers, magmeters, ferrite meters, hardness testers, proof meters, colour / flame spectrometers, Lux meters, noise level meters, moisture analysers, laboratory glassware, viscometer, hydrometers, PH, conductivity, TDS & turbidity meters, Anemometers, fume hoods, gloss meters, moisture meters, Baume meter etc.

Dimensional Measurement

Calibration of Steel rules, Measuring Tapes, Vernier Caliper, Micrometer, Dial Indicator, Height and Depth Gauges, Tri-Square Bevel Protectors, Dip rods, Staff rods, Distance Gauges and Feeder Gauges, bevel protectors and bubble level ect.

PRV & PSV Testing

State of the art Pressure Test Bench from Ventil Netherland is used for inspection testing and certification of PRVs/PSVs with maximum Flange size of 10” and popping pressure up to 300bar/4350psi as per API 527 & 576 standard. GMES testing engineers are well versed with relevant Testing standard requirements and have experience for seat lapping and popping pressure adjustments. The seat leakage can be detected and measured (according to API527) with a set of adapters and a bubble tester fitted on the test bench. Test bench can be deployed at site along with calibration engineers as per client’s requirements.